Matthew C Hagen

About Me

IMG_3197I am a young architect designing for a small architecture firm in Seattle.

I appreciate simplicity and directness.  Like Johnny Cash's song I've Been Everywhere, I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, lived in Gravel Switch, Kentucky, Columbus, Ohio, and, most recently, Washington, DC. I've been to 40 US States and plan to have all 50 by the time I turn 30. Internationally, I have been to 18 countries.

Most of this site serves as a record of my ideas on a range of topics. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's serious, but mostly it reflects reason as far as I see it.

I hold a Masters degree in Architecture from The Ohio State University and a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For a more professional description, check out my Resume.


Matthew C Hagen

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