Doug Graf Lectures on Columbus

A lecture from a favorite professor, Doug Graf, at Ohio State has been published on Knowlton's Youtube Channel. The overall lecture really encompasses his take on architecture, only he uses Columbus as an example. Graf Loose Fit_for carousel

  Graf's typical theme is what are we doing architecturally? There are so many great examples of architecture out there, mostly destroyed, that has been replaced by bad stuff due to a series of reasons. He then compares Columbus to other cities negating the reason there is bad architecture around, that could really be applied to any city. He does hit close to home around 46 minutes where he suggests that architects now live in bad architecture (tract homes) and has a interesting comparison to salaries between doctors and lawyers past and present.

It'a great to relive some of those old lectures and see both the old Char Bar and Kahiki Restaurant Diagrammed.