Pittsburgh is Great

Now I have been a Pittsburgh Steeler's fan since 1995 when the Cowboy's cheated their way into a Super Bowl victory. It was an odd alliance given I had never been to Pittsburgh and couldn't find it on a map easily in 1995, but one I've kept through the good and bad years of the Steelers' career (it's looking like it may be one of the bad years- Titans! really?) Outside of Football, Pittsburgh the city is great. I was lucky to be there for new years eve two years back and most recently for a wedding and I have to say Pittsburgh is a great city. My first memory of being in Pittsburgh was riding a greyhound bus to see friends in Allentown, Pennsylvania (I still owe Brent and Suzanne for the hospitality on that stay). I remember well entering the city which is best described as a blah blah blah of a long tunnel followed by a BAM! city all over the place. I managed to pull off a poor video of this moment. The video isn't as good as the real thing.


I would like to share a whole album of great buildings of the city, but unfortunately for the photo album, I was there to see great friends get married. I did manage to get a few shots of the University of Pittsburgh, which is one of the better campuses I've been to. The university is integrated well into the city and has densities that any college campus could use. I was intrigued by the Cathedral for Learning, the tallest building around, and managed to get a quick look. This building was fantastic! The Gothic style common space and classrooms resembling 29 difference countries was fascinating. We only managed to get into a handful of the rooms but this building was well designed and such an interesting concept. It was an entire university in one building, a vertical model instead of a horizontal. I highly recommend taking a look at this and all the many great building around Pittsburgh. I hope to get there soon and have a legit exploration of the city.

Take a look at the photos I managed to get (mostly photos of the Cathedral of Learning).

View Down Forbes Avenue