Write Up: At the end of the 2011 school year Doug Graf, an Associate Professor at the Knowlton School of Architecture, asked me to help him assemble a portfolio of his projects and writings. He would use these portfolios to obtain full professorship after 29 years of education at Ohio State. I gladly accepted the task. 

I started assembling the portfolios about a month before the project was due. I had a hard drive of projects and last minute scans I managed to obtain before Doug left for London. Content and reviews were exchanged mostly through email and occasional phone calls.

A nice featured of the writing portion included the cover pages of the journals that his selected writings were published in.

After many revisions, I managed to format, print, and collate the content and have the collection perfectly bound at a local binding shop. The final product was a great success, Doug Graf received his full professorship.

In 2015 another edition was published that covered a complete edition of everything written to date. This version refined the design details to be more consistent and use a simple white cover with black text.