Location: Las Vegas, NV
Use: Multidisciplinary Instruction Laboratory
Concept: Programmatic
Techniques: Practical Layering + Environmental Concepts 

Write Up: I find this the least creatively designed project in my portfolio, but an interesting project to design on a technical level. The requirements outlined a very technical and practical instructional laboratory building led by a technical UNLV professor, Firas Al-Douri. The idea behind the program was stimulated by the campus' need for a multidisciplinary scientific teaching labs and offices for college of the sciences at UNLV. 

In addition to the practical and technical requirements, the site selection limited the formal design. The labs adhered to a strict design module and size creating a L shaped floor plan stacked 6 floors high. The entire studio, except one, ended up with an identical L form with slight variations. 

This project was useful in understanding the technicalities of designing a laboratory building, structural support, and basic mechanical strategies. 

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