Location: Convington, KY
Use: Office Headquarters and Exhibition Space
Concept: Formal Gestures
Techniques: Shifting of Site Conditions

Write Up: This was my first project of graduate school. This studio was led by Douglas Graf, who would throw out everything I previously understood in architecture for a formal theoretical and historical approach to design. It's debatable how much I understood at the time, but this project and studio kicked off an understanding of how theory can drive design that I still use today. 

The project served as the headquarters of the Waterkeeper Alliance. This organization's purpose focused on improving and protecting bodies of water around the United States. The Program called for typical offices, exhibition space, and labs. Per the professors desire to mix up the program, more program was thrown in to integrate apartments and a library. 

There is a constant shifting of formal ideas motivated by the geography and perspective of a visitor. In many cases one can stroll through the site and building to discover new unexpected elements. The strongest being the movable labs. Each lab can elevate depending on the river's water level and desire for public viewing. The second floor bridge would transition constantly between views of Cincinnati across the river and lab experiments.

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