(Local) Songs for the Day - Wimps "KEXP Live Porformance"

A music-buff friend of mine visited Seattle this past week and we attended a lot of live concerts. I quickly realized I have no idea of how much good stuff is within a quick local bus ride. My favorite from this past week was Wimps, who feature an upbeat tempo with some great / funny vocals. This is definitely worth a listen while you avoid talking to your coworkers this morning. Enjoy.

Song(s) for the Day - Röyksopp "Remind Me" + "Happy Up Here"

Recently, I was listening to the classic top 50 most played songs on my phone this past weekend and ran across a Röyksopp song. Listening to song reminded me of what a great music video "Remind Me" was. The video is a bit old now, 2002, but still remains interesting in how it uses infographics to explain a woman's work day in London. The video was put together by H5, which is a pretty good french design firm from what I can tell. This video won Best Music Video in 2002 at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Another great music video that is worthy of sharing and making this a double song packed post is "Happy Up There" by the same artist, which features robot light bulb objects flying above a city mimicking space invaders.

Song for the Day - Devil Makes Three "Gracefully Facedown"

The Devil Makes Three is a great band I've been following since a friend of mine, Andrew in DC, brought me to a show. I have since bought all their albums and their newest one is being released October 29th, (although the vinyl version I pre-ordered won't be released until November 19th! Double Standards!) So enjoy a live recording of an old favorite from Seattle's very own KEXP.

Song for the Day - Daft Punk "Lose Yourself to Dance"

I have never been a HUGE Daft Punk fan, but the recent plays of their music on the radio convinced me to buy the album. It's a good compilation featuring "Get Lucky" and "Lose Yourself to Dance." This is the first music video for the album.

The album and video has some serious disco influences and I can't help but wonder if this is the beginning of a disco return... Ya, I'm not sure what I think about that, perhaps future PBR commercials will look like this.