So I am going to join the other 85% of America in saying the BCS Bowl series is stupid. Most know the system isn't fair and should be taken to court for anti-trust practices. I could go on and on about it but we've heard most of the points before. I think the worst part, perhaps unforeseen years ago, was the destruction of collegiate conferences. The final nail it seem comes with the news that my Alma mater's conference the Mountain West will soon merge with Conference USA to become a new conference in 2013-14

The idea behind the Mountain West that I valued was being a small regional conference. The members that split from from the WAC back when the MWC formed, did so to be part of a manageable sized regional conference. As the past can describe, this is the point of conferences. I think it is a shame that universities now have to battle like a game of musical chairs to be in the power conferences (as decided by the BCS). I hope that one day a District Attorney, or the Department of Justice gets the ball rolling on an anti-trust lawsuit, so hopefully one day we can return to a more regional conference alignment.

Andy Schwarz letter questioning  the legality of the BCS