I Thought this was a Mistake

I watched the job's speech from the Official White House enhanced version the night of the speech (a little over two weeks ago). The enhanced version simply had a bunch of infographics to the right of the screen supporting Obama's speech. I thought it was odd that the bridge he said needed attention was the Roebling Bridge according to the infographic. I believe the Roebling bridge was just renovated, and I am pretty sure no semi-trucks are allowed on it.  (In case you didn't know, the Roebling bridge predates and was a prototype of the Brooklyn Bridge, of which Roebling designed) So when I heard about Obama going to the bridge two days ago I thought "wait, hes going to a different bridge than his infographic stated." I am not the only person who noticed this. Cincinnati.com wrote a brief article about it. I checked the current  enhanced version of the speech and it now shows the correct bridge.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she pointed out that the White House communications was really lacking in the healthcare debate. I still think it is lacking. That is a huge slip up, and one of cultural significance. Its clear that someone didn't know, or likely care, about the specifics of a bridge somewhere.  A communications team should check everything leaving the White House ten times, and everyone working for the White House should have an extensive knowledge base of the United States including a huge understanding of the little nuances of regions. While a bridge isn't a nuance, the fact that this slip up made it out shows that accuracy is not important.

I would love to see the makeup of the White House including where they are from and what qualified them to work there. I am confident I would be unimpressed.