Photos - University of Washington

This photo album is the start of what will feed a series of future writings. University campuses are always full of "more" thoughtful designs that make them fun to explore. As I was assembling the architects and dates for this photo album, I was surprised by two items. First the Architects Kirk, Wallace, McKinley, & Associates did quite a bit of work for the University including Red Square back in the 1960s and early 1970s. I am interested to see their other works. Second, A building I always liked, although it seemed in disrepair and abandoned by the campus, in fact is important enough that in 2008, when the university proposed tearing down the building, an architecture student, Abby Martin, fought to keep the building through historic designation. The building housed an early nuclear reactor and was designed by TAAG,The Architect Artist Group, (Wendell Lovett, Daniel Streissguth, Gene Zema, Gerard Torrence, Spencer Moseley). Currently the album consists of two visits, one in April the other this past weekend. Classes have not started yet, so access to many of the buildings was limited. I plan to visit again once the campus is in full swing.

Check out the photo album here.

University of Washington Red Square Approach