seattleSo the lapse in posts were due to a recent move to Washington... State. I now live in Seattle and the two weeks I've been here indicates I will be here for quite awhile. Seattle has a lot of things I've desired in a place to live that Washington (DC) couldn't provide. The first is a general population that is invested in a livable city and has a general happiness about a lot of things. The biggest improvement is housing. I now live in one of the most desirable neighborhoods of Seattle for what I was paying in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood where my former roommate was mugged at gunpoint just this week in DC. The best part is I landed a job at a great firm only 3 blocks from my apartment. The firm is Board and Vellum, which is a young firm that I already feel at home working at. Everyone welcomes my harsh criticism and aren't afraid to do the same to me.

A fun fact is I now live in the same city as my arch enemy, Matt Hagen of matthagen.COM... He's not really an enemy, but this guy has owned since I was a freshman in high school (2001) trying to register the domain. It would be interesting to see how much of my email he's received.

I will get this blog rolling again. I have some good design moments lined up and plenty to post about.